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    Dear customer:

    Should the requirements of our customers, Raritan Valley machinery non-excavation pipeline engineering technical training class will be class! First course in 2009 December. Training class will help the majority of trenchless construction units, especially the new non excavation industry customers, develop non excavation construction talents, through training and mastery of trenchless horizontal directional drilling construction skills. To ensure the effectiveness of training, the training course will be invited a trenchless industry in the areas of senior teaching teaching.

    During training we only arranged in a rich theoretical courses, but also provides the site observation and practice opportunities, ensure that we can be the class applied in practical work.

    Given the Raritan Valley machinery non-excavation pipeline engineering technical training class is a non-profit public welfare activities, training does not charge tuition fees, and free for students to provide accommodation during the training.

    Class time: 15 days per month, for a period of 5 days.

    Each recruit students number: 30 people

    Training location: Jiangsu Raritan Valley Engineering Machinery Equipment Company Limited ( Dafeng City in Jiangsu province Changzhou High-tech Industrial Park building on the north side of West Road )


    Application conditions:

    In 1, with the Raritan Valley machinery customer oriented, facing the national trenchless customers, each company registration number is limited to 5 persons;

    In 2, enrollment to bring the company a letter of introduction, individual client shall provide the signature of the person in charge of recommendation;

    3, Id photocopy 1 pieces.

    If you confirm to participate in the Raritan Valley machinery non-excavation training courses, please fill in Annex four of the receipt form the registration confirmation. Training class of each limited to 30 students enrolled, registration with 30 people, will be deposited into the waiting

    List of participants, as the next

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