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    GDY1200 Hydraulic-core Drilling Machine
    Author:GD  Time:2015-12-09 16:46:55

    EngineCummins CBTA5.9-C180 engine (132KW, 2200r/min)

    Working sizeL×W×H mm5190×2300×9500 mm

    TransportationL×W×H mm6350×2300×2180 mm

    High-strength wear-resistant alloy steel caterpillar with rubber is suitable for different road surface

    Caterpillar chassisHighest walking speed 3.8Km/h

    Climbable gradient: 30°

    Driving head spindleTwo-stage reduction oil bath gear box, 2 sets Sayi BD2 hydraulic motor with double-displacement and big torque, driving head can adjust speed variably.

    Normally closed hydraulic chuck

    Max. Torque 5538  N·m

    Highest Speed: 850 r/min

    Into systemDriving head adopts cylinder straight

    Sliding move stroke 480mm

    Into stroke 3500mm

    Max. pulling force150 KN

    Max. Into force 60KN

    Max. Into speed 56600mm/min

    Max. pulling speed 28000mm/min

    Body mastfolding mast, goose body uses MC nylon pulley

    Mast sliding stroke 1.2m

    Mast height(collapsed)  4.9m

    Mast height(working)  9.5m

    Main and auxiliary hoist

    Main hoist rope capacity 55m, single rope lifting force 80KN, first layer rope speed 49.8 m/min, diameter of France high-performance wear-resistant wire rope 12mm

    Auxiliary hoist rope capacity 1200m, ingle rope lifting force 16KN, irst layer rope speed 204.5m/min, diameter of German Faer Pu high-performance wear-resistant wire rope 6mm

    Hydraulic system

    Advanced load-sensing system crotrole

    Adopt Am. Sauer main hydraulic sysem

    Hoist motor adopts high-pressure axial piston motors

    Driving head adopts REXROTH high-pressure axial piston motors

    Hydraulic tank capacity 430 L

    Hydraulic supporting leg

    Front leg  2pcs   100mmbore)×450mmstroke

    After leg(bracing type)  2pcs  100mmbore)×250mmstroke

    Electrical system   24V

    Sensitive circuity system2pcs 12V liquid battery

    Other configuration

    Single pump Max. displacement of 320L/min horizontal triplex single acting reciprocating piston mud pump

    Danfoss cycloid motor-driven stirrer

    Equipped with different DCDMA model drill rod and Kava under clamp and down clamp

    Equipped with centralizer of different core

    Equipped with control cabinet of display panel and control panel

    Load block assembly convenient for hoist lifting

    Equipped with centralizer of different core

    Equipped with control cabinet of display panel and control panel

    Load block assembly convenient for hoist lifting

    The above parameters are calculated based on theoretical valve which meet all industry standards, the specific performance of rig may change according to working conditions. "Goodeng Machine" will continue to improve their products, so the right of changing the equipment specifications, design, price and other matter will be kept. This technical note does not contain or imply any meaning that the guarantee period of equipment will be extend. And “Goodeng Machine” will not make any statements for the commercial performance or the device for a particular purpose.




    Supporting motor

    Italy Sam

    shift-type boring tower

    Japan MC Nylon

    Main motor

    Italy Sam

    Hydraulic Motor

      American Sauer

    Mud agitator motor


    Adopt advanced load-sensing proportional control technology and efficient hydraulic system driven, to minimize the power consumption and system heating of rig, meanwhile to improve the holing efficiency and operation safety to the highest standards.


    It is the ideal drilling machine suitable for geological, metallurgical, coal, nuclear, hydro and other industries dominated by diamond drilling and carbide, which is also suitable for shallow oil and gas exploration, mining tunnel ventilation, drainage.

    “Goodeng Machine“ was founded in May 2002, which is specialized in research & development, manufacturing , sales and service for trenchless equipment, static-pressure pile pressing-in & pile planting machine, geological drilling equipment....
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