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    GDCY2000 Truck Mounted Full-hydraulic Core Drilling Machine
    Author:GD  Time:2015-12-09 16:43:17

    1. The configuration of engine adopts Cummis 6CTA8.3-240cooling by pressurized construction machinery engine(179kw;2200r/min);

    2.Adopt Am. Sauer main hydraulic sysem;

    3. Hoist motor adopts Italy Sam high-speed motor

    4. Driving head adopts Italy Sayi big-torque motor

    5. Equipped with on-board mud pump320L/min;

    6. Hydraulic orifice holder and  strong clamping hydraulic chuck.

     Host quality:25T

    Transportation size(L×W×H mm): 9800×2580×2700  mm

    Working size(L×W×H mm): 9980×2580×13850mm

    Max. torque: 6650 N.m

    Pushing force: 134 KN

    Pulling force284 KN

    Diesel engine rated power: 179KW

    Diesel engine rated speed: 2200 r/min

    Mud pump Max. flow: 320L/min

    Mud pump Max. pressure: 8 MPa

    Main hoist single rope lifting speed: 49.8 m/min

    Main hoist single rope lifting force: 130 KN

    Auxiliary hoist single rope lifting force: 16KN

    Auxiliary hoist single rope lifting speed: 204.5 m/min




    Supporting motor

    Italy Sam

    shift-type boring tower

    Japan MC Nylon

    Main motor

    Italy Sam

    Hydraulic Motor

      American Sauer

    Mud agitator motor


    1The transmission adopts hydraulic transmission, pushing stroke 4800mm, compared with traditional vertical shaft rig, the drilling sufficiency improves several times with simple operation, easy maintenance; every part of the rig can be removed to adapt to movement and transportation under every terrain.

    2The spindle rotation of driving head adopts driving head adopts Italy Sayi big-torque motor, and the speed can be stepless;


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