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    Exactly!Free!2017 Goodeng Machine the Forth Non-profit Trenchless Technology Training Course was successfully held
    Author:GD  Time:2017-06-29 21:33:00

    The younger generation excels the older generation. During the graduation season, many students left the universities, with unknown but full of glory and ideals future. Meanwhile, Goodeng Machine ushered a lot of ideal and motivated trainees.

    The Forth Non-profit Trenchless Technology  Training Course held by Goodeng Machine, over the years, the industry's reputation is very good, the application is very hot, the current students were up to 50 people.

    We had the honor to invite chairman Yan of the China Trenchless Technology Association to bring the latest industry trends and information, and taught a lot of professional industry knowledge, the trainees benefited a lot.

    During the period from 26 to 28 June, Goodeng Machine was in strict accordance with the expected arrangements for the plan, in a short period of time, the trainees were well trained in all aspects.

     The principle of trenchless technology and the working principle of the rig


     Maintenance and notes of drilling rig, circuit


      Selection and use of common drilling tools, rock drilling tools


      Mud process, guide course, One to one practice instruction on operation, construction site simulation

    During the training period, the students were actively asking questions, the teacher was more enthusiastic to lead students to discuss, analyze the difficult questions encountered in the construction, and put forward the reasonable solution.


    At 9:00 on the 29th, Goodeng Machine in strict accordance with the process, organized the students participated in the trenchless association of professional skills test.

    After the test,China Trenchless Technology Association professional teachers timely corrected papers , and timely awarded the outstanding qualified students qualification certificate (guider, driller, mudman).

    2017 the forth course association and Goodeng top managers took picture with trainees.

    In the four days knowledge and skills training, the students not only acquired professional knowledge and skills, but also felt the Goodeng Machine professional and deep enthusiasm to industry. Therefore, the participants expressed their more trust on the Goodeng rig, and the hope with Goodeng with long-term cooperation relations .

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