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    2017 Goodeng Machine the Third Non-profit Trenchless Technology Training Course was successfully held
    Author:GD  Time:2017-04-17 22:36:00


    April 14, 2017 to April 16, 2017, China International Trenchless Technology Conference & Exhibition held in Suzhou. Goodeng Machine GS series rigs stunned the audience and aroused great interest from the new and old clients. When heard Goodeng Machine would regularly hold free trenchless technology training courses, the clients showed the strong interest. Strike the iron while it is hot, Goodeng company announced 2017 Goodeng Machine the third trenchless technology free training course will be held on April 24,2017-April 27,2017.

    This course application was unusually hot, and the increase 40 enrollments were difficult to stop the enthusiasm of the trainees, the training course actually received 50 students, (during the training time, some clients came to companies to buy the rigs also directly joined the training course , the number reached 55 people), the training course invited the China Trenchless Technology Association leadership to guide personally, bring trainees the latest industry trends and information, the majority of students benefited a lot.

    In order to enable trainees to get better harvest and master the related trenchless technology as much as possible, four days training for the principle of trenchless technology, the working principle of drilling rig, the rig maintenance and precautions, circuit system and hydraulic system, the selection and use of common drilling tools, selection and use of rock drilling tools, Modulation of mud bentoniteGuide position calculation operationOne to one practice instruction on operation Construction field simulation multi angle and systematic trenchless technology training, to provide more clear theoretical guidance for the students' practical operation at ordinary times.

    On the morning of April 27th, to test the results of these 4 days of study, trainees participated in the China Trenchless Association professional skill examination, and awarded the certificate for test qualified personnel (guider , driller, the mud man),from then ,the trainees had certificates to operate the rigs, and benefited a lot.



    Goodeng Machine opening ceremony and the company brief introduction



    Goodeng rigs brief introduction



    The unprecedented learning atmosphere




    Drilling tools knowledge training

    Mud bentonite knowledge training




    Guide knowledge training

    Simulated construction site

    Professional skills examination site




    2017 the third course association and Goodeng top managers took picture with trainees.

    4 days training made students really understand Goodeng Machine and have more confident in Goodeng Machine.During the training, the students and the teacher actively had mutual discussion, put forward the knotty problems and solutions encountered in construction. As a navigator in China horizontal directional drilling industry, Goodeng Machine will always adhere to improve customer satisfaction for the purpose, serve the customers wholeheartedly, the trenchless technology free training course will go on to hold  as before, and train more excellent talents for the development of Trenchless Technology Industry.




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