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    “High speed, high fuel efficiency ” Goodeng Directional Drilling Machine are becoming a star in Shandong Province, China.
    Author:GD  Time:2015-10-15 18:51:27
    Goodeng Machine is continually upgrading the product with promoting their technology, and providing more special and more efficient product according to the working experience before. To meet the customer’s requirement with different working condition, we research and develop new equipment with high level, which be with high push & pull force high torsionhigh rotary speed.
    Now, Mr Cheng who is the Director of our service team will take their whole team to prove the performance of Goodeng Machine in the market.
    Mr Yang Jie from Yantai city, Shandong province own GD320 and GD380 directional drilling machine. And he purchased GD380 in August this year. He always felt comfortable when
    he remember the experience. He said: “The price and quality is very good ”,When asked the fuel issues ,Mr yang told us,” It’s so high fuel saving that I just forget the Fuel consumption ”
    Mr Li Hong is one of faithful customer also coming from Yantai city, Shandong province. He has own GD380 and GD180 directional drilling machine, and he is greatly satisfied with GD380 series, which is the representative with good reputation in market.
    Goodeng Service team got to the construction site, the General Manager, Mr Li told to Mr
    Cheng passionately :”Goodeng Machine is great, the rig bought in 2011 is still in high speed , and I know most of other brands machine bought in same period are out of work .The rig benefit me up to now.” Mr Cheng reply confidently :“Goodeng Machine will be better and better than now in future for better city

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