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    In 2004, Company first horizontaldirectional drilling machine GD600-L was produced.

    In 2006, company first GD1250-L horizontaldirectional drilling machine went off line successfully.

    In 2007, company first GD28000-L horizontaldirectional drilling machine produced successfully.

    In 2008, company self-researched, domestic biggest GD6000-BL horizontaldirectional drilling machine delivered to Shengli Oilfield.

    In 2009, world biggest GD8000-LL horizontaldirectional drilling machine was put into production successfully in JianguGoodeng Engineering Machinery Assembling Co., Ltd.

    In 2010, company GD2800-L horizontaldirectional drilling machine won Science and Technology Progress Award from China Machinery Industry Federation.

    In 2010, company GD8000-LL horizontaldirectional drilling machine included in the Jiangsu province science and technology support project.

    In 2011, company passed assessment of Jiangsu province engineering technology research and development center.

    In 2011, company got innovation subsidy of national small and medium-sized enterprise.

    In 2011, company GD2800-L horizontaldirectional drilling machine passed Jiangsu province first set equipment inspection.

    In 2011, company got city double-innovation talents subsidy.

    In 2012, company GD3500-L horizontaldirectional drilling machine is included in Jiangsu Province Key new product, new technology list.

    In 2012, company is identified as National high-tech enterprise.

    In 2013, company takes on Jiangsu province Major achievements transformationproject, got project subsidy.

    In 2013, company got Jiangsu province key new product promotion subsidy.

    In 2013, company won Yancheng city first prize of science and technology progress prize

    In 2014, company established Jiangsu Province graduate workstation.

    In 2014, company won Yancheng city Grand prize of science and technology progress prize

    In 2014, company won Dafeng city advanced prize of science and technology and talents prize.

    In 2014, company successfully researched world biggest GD10000-LLhorizontaldirectional drilling machine.

    In 2015, company declare 26 patents, authorization 19, including 4 invention patents.

    In 2015, company passed National high and new technology enterprise review.


    “Goodeng Machine“ was founded in May 2002, which is specialized in research & development, manufacturing , sales and service for trenchless equipment, static-pressure pile pressing-in & pile planting machine, geological drilling equipment....
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